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    Our Mission

    PharmaChol collects and markets bile acid products for pharmaceutical and other associated applications.


    Bile Paste and more

    PharmaChol is one of the major independent crude bile acid producers in the world. It had its inception in early 2016, when PharmaZell established a majority stake in a new joint venture (JV) created from the bile business unit of Fayman International (Australia). In May 2020, the PharmaZell Group acquired PharmaChol fully. PharmaChol is being operated  as a subsidiary of the group under the leadership of the Fayman family which started to collect bile in the early 1970’s.


    PharmaChol collects mainly bovine bile, uses its collection network also to source avian bile from poultry farms and other animal by-products. We operate manufacturing facilities in Australia, India, South Africa and Ireland.

    The joint venture produces bile paste but also bile salts based on international quality standards selling these to the global pharmaceutical and food industry.

    By establishing the JV, PharmaZell offers a vertically integrated business model to its customers, from the collection of the raw material until the finished APIs, ensuring and controlling its quality along the entire supply chain.

    Contact our Experts

    Questions? Requests? Open points? PharmaChol experts are here to find answers and solutions. Just click below to contact them.

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    PharmaChol is part of the PharmaZell Group. Looking back on history of over 100 years the Group ensures high quality and added values by innovative, green technologies and a focused product portfolio. Click here to learn more.


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